"Dù niệm thầm hay niệm ra tiếng đều phải nhiếp tâm niệm chắc chắn mà thôi. Hơn nữa, trong pháp trì danh, cần phải mỗi câu mỗi chữ, tâm và tiếng phải nương theo nhau, chẳng được xen tập mảy may ý niệm thế tục. Lâu ngày thành thục, quyết định được vãng sanh Cực Lạc, ngồi trên hoa sen báu, đạt lên địa vị Bất Thối."

Giác Minh Diệu Hạnh Bồ Tát
Do You Have The Three E's Body Jewelry? A professional piercer has so many advantages over a DIYer, they're called the three E's: education, proper equipment, and experience. Education involves knowing the parts of the body, where important vessels and nerves lie and how to avoid them. Proper equipment means you get a safe and sterile piercing body piercing jewelry gauges. Experience means they are professional and confident, which will greatly minimize the trauma and pain of the experience. Why do you think professional piercers go through all the trouble to learn how to do their job properly and work in a professional environment? Many of them pay thousands of dollars to learn how to pierce, and then give a percentage of their earnings to the shop owner where they work. It would be a lot easier for them just to start poking people out of their homes and forget all that other stuff. The reason they don't is their respect for you sterling silver nose rings, the potential customer, and for your safety.

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